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With over a decade of sourcing interiors, global shipping and the ability to facilitate procurement for all sizes of projects, I am a valuable partner for residential and commercial real estate developers.

Procuring high quality and artisan hand made items is a much
 needed resource to help my clients escape mass produced interiors.


With over a decade of experience of global sourcing and the ability to safely and securely facilitate logistics makes me a valuable partner for any person or team looking for a design or procurement partner to help design, develop or renovate a property. 

My interior design expertise and an understanding of real estate and real estate development provides residential real estate developers with tailored design solutions that align with their vision, market trends and potential buyer preferences. 


The extensive list of worldwide providers with high-quality products I have access to will maximize the market appeal of a property


I am honored to be the exclusive California representative for several luxury Italian brands.

Xera, one the most beautiful Italian Stainless Steel cabinetry producers provides handmade and artisan finishes adapted and constructed to meet your wishes. 

Stylish and practical with a clean classical look, Potocco Italian Indoor/Outdoor furniture is my favorite brand to work with and use in my projec

Mingardo, a producer of unique metal products, all hand-wrought by a highly skilled team of specialized artisans.

Laura Meroni, furniture, lighting and cabinetry with strong personality for clients that appreciate their perfect relationship between art and design. The care for details especially in the surfaces and customization offered is like no other. 

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